Heeere's the Jews Brothers

The Jews Brothers BandThe line-up is two Kiwis, two New Yorkers, and a Londoner . Between them they play accordion, mandolin, banjo, double bass, guitar, soprano and tenor saxes, melodica and zydeco washboard. The skilled interweaving of these instruments and daring five-part vocal harmonies are part and parcel of the groups undeniably fascinating chutzpah!

The JBB have released three albums on their own label Rouge Records:

Live at Gerhards's
My Yiddish Swing,
Too Much Talent (to be famous)

The Jews Brothers Band has a strong cult following throughout Australasia. It has toured New Zealand 4 times and regularly crosses the Tasman to perform in Australian clubs and festivals.

In 2002 The Jews Brothers visited Europe for the first time where they performed in seven major festivals including WOMAD UK and the North Sea Jazz Festival with a stint in Chicago on the way home.

Two further tours of Europe in 2004 and 2006 saw them playing in Antwerp, Prague, Copenhagen and throughout the UK, including Brighton's Komedia and The Spitz and Momos, London.

In 2009 the band toured Spain, travelling all the way from Santiago de Compostela's Ascension Festival to Murcia's unique Tres Culturas with stops along the way in Madrid and Seville.

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